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Jeong Gwang, founded in 1997, has continuously challenged dreams and future by communicating with the core value of “top quality, best workplace”.

Since then, we have ceaselessly endeavored to establish a strong but small business with our expertise in sheet metal, a root technology for the industry.

We are on the path to rebirth ourselves as a company that can respond to customer needs by sharing our mission, core value, and vision with all our members. As a result we aim to complete a virtuous cycle that consists of better manufacturing, perfect product, and cost reduction.

The company is now beginning a greater challenge in the areas of secondary battery-related sheet metals and electronics, including eco-friendly future industry like electric vehicles and ESS (Energy Storage System).

We will make every effort to become a respected business by continuously contributing to the country and society, and putting top priority on customer value.

Kim Jung Ho, CEO of Jeong Gwang, Inc.

“Top Quality, Best Workplace” Jeong Gwang, Inc. aims to become a tursted and respected company that always puts customers first.


107, Sinwon-ro 133beon-gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
TEL. +82-31-433-7678/7633 FAX. +82-31-433-7679